Rules, Tests, and Games

PUSH treibball currently has 3 tests and 5 games (new games are being added regularly). You must pass the 3 tests before competing in the games. 

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Three Tests

Balance Test

3 balls arranged in any manner by the judge in the arena. Dog must balance on each ball for a 3 count in the order determined by the judge without pushing. 

Time starts when the dog enters the circle and stops when the judge says “okay” on the third ball.

Time Limit: 2 minutes

Push Test

There will be 1 ball in a hula hoop 10 feet from a designated handler box or area. The handler directs the dog to push the ball out of the hoop and into the handler area. 

Time starts when the ball leaves the hoop, and ends when the ball finishes entering the handler area.

Time Limit: 2 minutes.

Course Test

Ball starts between two posts. Dog and handler maneuver the ball to make a figure 8 around the cones crossing through the center twice. 

Time starts when the ball leaves the hula hoop and ends when the ball has completed the full figure 8.

Time Limit: 2 minutes. 



Speed Bowling

1 ball, 10-15 objects

Goal: Knock over as many objects as possible in 1 minute.

Time Limit: 1 minute. 

Points: 1 point for every object knocked over by the ball. objects knocked over by the dog or handler do not count.

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Shedding Arena

3 balls

Arena: 30ft diameter circle

Time Limit: 3 minutes 

Points: 2 points for "fetching" each ball. -1 point for balls brought out of order

Goal: fetch each ball in order, before the time runs out

Bull(dog) in a China Shop

1 ball, 10-15 objects

Goal: fetch the ball while knocking over as few objects as possible

Time Limit: 1 minute. 

Points: 2 points for fetching the ball, -1 point for each object knocked over

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Obstacle Course:

1 ball

Arena: 4 obstacles (may include, but not limited to: turns, ramps, walls, pillars, tunnels, corners, chutes, pens, etc) 

Time Limit: Determined by Judge

Points: 2 points for moving ball through each obstacle 

Goal: fetch ball through all obstacles within the time limit

Push Against the Clock

Unlimited balls

Goal: Push as many balls out of the arena within the time limit (as balls are pushed out they are reset by the steward)

Time Limit: 1 minute

Points: 1 point for every pushed out of the arena within the time limit

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