What is Treibball

Treibball is an exciting sport that comes from Germany. It combines aspets of advanced obedience, herding, billiards, and soccer. 



There are lots of different ways of teaching treibball, but, there are two basic skills your dog must learn: Pushing and Pushing in the correct direction which we call "balancing"

try to find a class that emphasized "balancing" if you want to succeed in competition.

Can't find any classes near you?Take a look at some of the virtual classes being offered now or consider hosting a clinic! 

Click on the picture to take a look at the class PUSH founder, Michael McManus, has on DSU. Email [email protected] for information on hosting a clinic

History of PUSH

-PUSH was founded in August of 2017 with the mission of providing fun, fast paced games to the treibball community

-We started holding "practice matches" in December of 2017

-The inaugural trial was held in May of 2018, 13 dog's competed

-One more trial was held in 2018 as well as a judging clinic

-The inaugural virtual competition will be held in April of 2021