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Intro to Nose Work - May 2021

Praise for virtual group classes:

Discovering the virtual classes offered by Natalie and Michael McManus has provided us with a rich and thorough improvement in all of our nose work skills. They have totally changed our game and helped us achieve more than I really considered possible. From my handling and hide placement to my dog Chi's problem solving skills and confidence, this at-home training has directly translated into clearly measurable better performance at trial. Natalie and Michael's creativity teaches us how to be creative and how to see our homes with a new respect for training. We enjoy ourselves at trial so much more knowing that we have been exposed to puzzles we didn't know existed before. Additionally, the comraderie in the online classes cannot be underestimated, especially in these pandemic days. We have made some wonderful friends as well. Chi and I thank you!

Peg Munves, Step In Time Training LLC Home of the Berkshire Sniffers
USCSS CSD and Judge, PSD Judge, NACSW, PSD and USCSS trial host

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Our online platform with video lessons in foundations, patterning, handling and fun games to play!

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This is a program tailored for anyone from first time to veteran dog owners. In this you will learn the 11 skills you and your dog need to know to be happy, safe, and valued members of your community.

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This is a brand new dog sport incorporating elements of sheep herding, advanced obedience and soccer. Classes are hosted at Dog Sport University

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RSG Gun Dogs

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