In Person Training

Whether you are looking for group classes or private lessons we have an option for you to get what you need for you and your pet.

COVID-19 Update: For now, all of our group classes are being held online. You still get immediate feedback, get to see others work - in the comfort of your own home! See the group classes page for details.

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Private Lessons

Click here to schedule a private lesson. private lessons are $50/30 minutes.

There may be a slight added charge if we have to drive to you.

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Group Classes

Click here to sign up for our group classes. All of our group classes are run "seminar style", one dog is in the room at a time and gets the undivided attention of the instructor. Other dogs are crated in their cars or in another room. 

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Local Events

Nose Work Murder Mysteries, obedience challenge days, treibball game days, visiting experts from around the world, and more!


Supplement your class with online support!

Join our online community. Feel like you can't keep track of all the information we give you? have it at your fingertips whenever you need it. 

Online Classes
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