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Brown Lead Skills

Here I will go through each brown lead skill and explain what it is and what the test looks like. 


Now you are going to apply what you've learn (and learn a few new things too) to training another species (Horse, rat, chicken, cat, etc)

Test: Train a second species


Test: Tester throws treats at your dog, you decide which treats they can have and which they can't


TestDemonstrate appropriate dog social skills


Starting at red lead the mechanical skills are electives that you choose with your instructor. This is your chance to show your creativity and explore areas of training that you are interested in.

Test: Elective


This may seem similar to the last lesson, but this provides it's own challenge

Test: Down in motion 


Call the dog off of a person "baby talking" at your dog with treats

TestHuman distraction


Test: Off lead following with 2 dogs


TestGreeting a dog off lead


Test: Social Confidence


Teach your dog to go to a specific place on verbal only

Test: Discriminated send


This skill is all about understanding what your dog was bred for. All dog's were originally bred to use their instincts to help us in some way. Whether it is hunting, herding, or protecting us. 

Test: Attend a working dog workshop

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